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Headphone Nirvana is a place for people who love the wonderful art of music and enjoying it through a great headphone system. Some of us yearn for a deeper connection with the artist’s message. We desire to experience the music in a more realistic, engaging way. If you are one of those people, we exist to serve you.

Headphone Nirvana (a division of Nirvana Sound) is located in Melbourne, Australia, and is dedicated to representing the absolute finest headphone equipment available. If you enjoy the many advantages that headphones give you, if you consider yourself an audiophile, a purist or someone who is looking to step out of the world of mass-produced convenience gadgets and enhance your emotional experience with music, we’d love to meet you!

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.
Headphones: Abyss AB-1266


Headphone Amp: Eleven Audio Formula S

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Abyss AB-1266 Headphones



Have you ever wondered how a headphone would look, feel and perform if modern technology & engineering was applied to an extreme level? From their manufacturing workshop in New York, ABYSS High Performance Luxury Headphones create their extraordinary headphones using the finest materials. Patented planar speaker drivers deliver music to your ears with a speaker-like performance no other headphone can match. Solid aluminium frames, minimal moving parts, soft lambskin leathers and Italian Alcantara. The AB-1266 Phi TC is considered by many to be the best sounding headphone money can buy. So if you’re serious about headphone sound quality… and we mean REALLY serious… look no further. Abyss headphones are designed for you.

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Kennerton Headphone

Kennerton Audio Equipment

Headphones, Cables

Kennerton is a boutique brand of headphones designed by people who have a contagious passion for sound. Every idea, every bit of research, every action … everything is aimed at pure musical pleasure. Their planar magnetic drivers feature a unique advanced membrane technology but the craftsmanship used to create them is simply unrivalled. Kennerton Audio use many exotic woods and hand craft them to make headphones that are objects of sheer beauty. The pride of ownership experience has resulted in a rapidly growing number of loyal owners around the world. Designed by audiophiles for audiophiles. Celebrate the revival of true hi-fi!

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Eleven XI Audio

Headphone Amplifiers

Eleven Audio make electronics specifically designed to maximise the potential of the very best headphones. Solid state amplifiers, power supplies and DACs deliver stunning speed and clarity, with hard hitting bass & drums and beautifully smooth tube-like decay to cymbals and string instruments. Given their partnership with JPS Labs, all Eleven Audio electronics are wired with JPS Labs Alumiloy and the Formula S amplifier was used to voice the Abyss Phi! Impeccable balance, smooth and clear to the source. Eleven Audio create the dedicated headphone electronics that every connoisseur seeks.

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JPS labs superconductor

JPS Labs

Headphone Cables

JPS Labs have a saying “improve the life of one audio aficionado at a time” and they’ve been doing exactly that for over 30 years. Aside from making some of the world’s finest headphones in Abyss (a division of JPS Labs), they are also renowned for making great sounding cables and their headphone cable range in particular has been designed to take the performance of Abyss headphones to optimum levels of refinement and enjoyment. If you are in the fortunate position of owning a set of Abyss AB1266 Phi, Diana Phi or Diana V2, you owe it to yourself to match them with the JPS Superconductor headphone cable and hear what they can REALLY sound like.

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