About Us

Who are we?

First and foremost, we are a team of ‘music nutters’….. and we make no apologies! We simply love the wonderful art of music and enjoy experiencing it in a way that best connects us emotionally to it. Located in Melbourne, Australia, we are a division of Nirvana Sound (ABN 70 632 109 052) and are dedicated to representing the absolute finest headphone equipment available.

What do we do?

We specialise in achieving ultimate sound quality at the high-performance end of the market. There are plenty of great headphones that you can plug into your phone and use while exercising or travelling, however we do not offer those types of products. We spend much of our time searching the world for headphone and compact audio systems that are designed to deliver a fully immersive musical experience with reference levels of resolution, clarity, frequency extension, tonal accuracy and dynamics. We listen to, compare and evaluate these products and only select the very best to offer you. Our brands cannot be found in the general appliance stores or the local hi-fi shop. They are boutique brands that have been designed with extreme levels of engineering, materials and componentry, designed to offer you a visceral, emotive connection to the music, as if you were at a live concert. We love quality, not quantity.

Why headphones & desktop audio?

Due to their design, high-end headphones can give you a fully immersive musical experience without the room reflections, distortions and background noise often associated with a traditional hi-fi system. This can often be experienced as a ‘direct connection’ or being ‘plugged in’ to the artist’s message. Furthermore, music can be enjoyed without disturbing those around you or the neighbours, can be enjoyed at any time and without having to sit in a special position in your room. Rather than dedicate a large section of a room to a hi-fi system, some people build high quality systems on their desk so they can enjoy music while working or reclining on a comfortable chair.

This has given rise to the term ‘desktop audio’ which refers to quality hi-fi components of compact size and modest footprint that can discretely fit on a desk or a stand that does not take up a lot of space. In recent years, as more people have discovered these advantages, more and more high-end manufacturers have developed high quality headphone & desktop audio systems. The level of technology and performance available today is unprecedented and frankly astonishing when compared to only a few years ago. This is an exciting genre of products and a very rewarding way to enjoy your music.

We’d love to meet you!

If you enjoy the many advantages that headphones give you, if you consider yourself an audiophile, a purist or someone who is looking to step out of the world of mass-produced convenience gadgets and enhance your emotional experience with music, then we exist to serve you. We welcome you to visit and share your story with us.

Location & Opening Hours

We are open every Saturday 11am – 3pm. Outside of those hours, please contact us as we’re happy to make the showroom available to you any time, including weekdays, evenings and weekends. You are very welcome to visit for a planned audition or simply to be left alone to enjoy music through any of our systems for as long as you like… and we make a great coffee! The showroom is located at 9 Clarence Street, East Bentleigh in Melbourne.