Eleven Audio

Eleven XI AudioWhen it comes to specialist headphone electronics, Eleven Audio have been setting standards that very few can dream of reaching. When you have been designed to be the perfect match for the Abyss range of headphones, you better be exceptional!

Eleven Audio apply high end audio engineering practices to every design. As a result, they have achieved a number of ‘world firsts’. Features such as discrete Class A topology, super-efficient battery power applications, DC coupling and segregated power supply circuitry make them the perfect choice for those looking for headphone electronics of the highest caliber.

Eleven Audio electronics combine smooth detailed sound with ultra-quiet noise free black backgrounds. Amazing low-level detail, smooth very real mids and vocals and clear highs only begin to describe how good this brand is. If you are an owner of a set of Abyss headphones, you can rest assured that there is an Eleven Audio amplifier made to perfectly match with your headphones.

Eleven XI Audio Broadway S


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