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JPS Labs have a saying “improve the life of one audio aficionado at a time” and they’ve been doing exactly that for over 30 years. With that level of experience, it’s no wonder that JPS Labs have developed a reputation for sonic excellence across many fields.

Aside from making some of the world’s finest headphones in Abyss (a division of JPS Labs), they are also renowned for making great sounding cables and their headphone cable range in particular has been designed to take the performance of Abyss headphones to optimum levels of refinement and enjoyment. If you are in the fortunate position of owning a set of Abyss AB1266 Phi, Diana Phi or Diana V2, you owe it to yourself to match them with the JPS Labs Superconductor headphone cable and hear what they can REALLY sound like.

JPS labs superconductor


Can Cables Make a Difference in Headphone Systems?

In simple terms, the role of a cable in a headphone audio system is to transport a signal while maintaining its integrity as best as possible and delivering it to the headphones in a way that translates into sound as transparently as possible. In terms of maintaining signal purity, many challenges exist that have to be overcome or mitigated and different cable brands and models utilise a number of technologies to help achieve this aim. Depending on how a cable is engineered, cable selection can make quite a difference to the sound quality.

Inevitably, all cables will alter an audio signal to some degree. It is impossible for a signal to move through a conductor and not be influenced in any way by the material that it is moving through. We know this to be true simply from experience as a copper cable sounds different to cables made from silver, tin, brass, gold or aluminium. We also know that different cable geometries and thicknesses (gauges) sound different.

However, the factors that influence the audio signal can be minimised and manipulated to achieve optimum performance, thus maintaining the integrity of the audio signal as close as possible to the original. Capacitance, inductance and resistance (or impedance) are the primary factors involved in defining an audio cable’s performance and sound. These variables can be precisely balanced through a calculated choice of a cable’s conductor type, dielectric (insulation), spacing, geometry and shielding.

To optimise the performance of your headphone or desktop audio system, we recommend that you carefully select the cables in your system. Contact the team at Headphone Nirvana as we can share our experiences with you and provide some advice.

JPS labs superconductor

Recommended Matching Components

The JPS Labs Superconductor cables are specifically designed to work with the Abyss range of headphones. Please note that for ultimate system synergy, the following amplifiers are also designed for the Abyss Headphones and are internally wired with JPS Labs Superconductor cable:

  • Eleven XI Audio Broadway Amplifier – Designed for the Abyss Diana V2 & the Diana Phi.
  • Eleven XI Audio Formula S Amplifier – Designed for the Abyss AB-1266 Phi TC
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