Kennerton Audio EquipmentKennerton is a boutique brand of headphones designed by people who have a contagious passion for sound. Every idea, every bit of research, every action… everything is aimed at pure musical pleasure. Their planar magnetic drivers feature a unique advanced membrane technology but the craftsmanship used to create them is simply unrivalled. Kennerton Audio use many exotic woods and hand craft them to make headphones that are objects of sheer beauty. The pride of ownership experience has resulted in a rapidly growing number of loyal owners around the world. Designed by audiophiles for audiophiles. Celebrate the revival of true Hi-Fi!

Kennerton Headphone


Uncommon Quality

These are not mass-produced headphones made by a large corporate company with a big name, massive marketing budget and factory in China. These are not found in local appliance stores, or at the airport shop, or in a plethora of online discount websites. These are not intended to be part of the mainstream, high volume consumable market. Kennerton headphones are hand made in a workshop in Saint Petersburg in Russia and distributed through a small network of knowledgeable distributors to enthusiasts around the world who appreciate the next level sound quality and craftmanship.

Kennerton Headphones

Single Minded Purpose

Kennerton as a luxury brand of Fischer Audio was founded by professionals with a single purpose – to provide its customers with high-end quality sound. Fischer Audio have been watching the evolution of the audio industry for a long time and noticed the decreasing amount of products that offer quality sound particularly the large number of fancy looking, low quality models made by famous brands. Fischer Audio is not willing to accept this. Their policy is that you pay for nothing more than the quality of sound.

Kennerton is the pinnacle of sound offered in an integrated line of audio products from the Fischer Audio brand. Fischer Audio engineers are making every effort to reveal the potential of each model and optimize every detail to find the best balance between price and quality – high quality sound at an affordable price is the fundamental principle of the company.

Kennerton consists of only of the best models which have incorporated the most advanced technology, highest quality materials and the best service. These headphones are designed by audiophiles for audiophiles.

Kennerton Headphones

Appreciation of the Beauty of Wood

An example of the Kennerton approach to uncompromised quality is the immense effort the company puts into the sourcing and crafting of the wood it uses in the headphone designs. Rare species of wood that are used in bespoke furniture have never graced headphone design at this level and for Kennerton, their wood crafting has become a signature feature and a glorious tradition. This approach goes beyond simply having a great sound. It’s an appreciation of holistic craftmanship and beauty, the way many people believe high end audio products should be.

Kennerton Thror Karelian Headphone in Birch

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