In Ear Monitors

In Ear Monitors (IEMs) are headphones that fit inside your ear and can vary in size, shape, and degree of insertion into the ear canal, however they generally create a seal with the ear canal. IEMs can also be fitted with different tips that vary in material type from foam to silicone, along with different sizes to best fit different ear canal shapes. IEMs were initially created for musicians & performers to listen to their music as they are playing it during a performance but in recent years have become a popular choice for all types of headphone users.

In Ear Monitors offers you a significant difference in audio quality over a regular pair of earbuds. More bass, more clarity, and a higher range of frequencies are just a few things you can expect. The way IEMs are shaped to your ear, and the fit of the ear tips also allow you to experience a fuller range of sound.

Usually high performance IEMs will use multiple Balanced Armature (BA) drivers to handle different frequency ranges. The advantage of BA drivers is that they’re able to provide incredible detail for treble and midrange frequencies. The disadvantage is that they aren’t as capable for bass frequencies as dynamic drivers are.

Although multi-balanced armature driver IEMs are common, they also commonly use a hybrid system with balanced armature and dynamic drivers and occasionally the use of electrostatic drivers. While it’s possible for single driver IEMs to exist, they’re not as common as ones that use multiple drivers because certain driver types are best suited to different frequencies and in the case of hybrid IEMs, dynamic drivers will handle the bass frequencies, while the BA drivers handle the rest of the frequency range.

In Ear MonitorsIn Ear Monitors