On Ear Headphones

On ear headphones (also known as ‘earpad’ headphones) are designed to fit with the pads resting on your ear. Usually these headphones are smaller and lighter to ensure they’re still comfortable when fitting on top of the ear, and they almost always employ small dynamic drivers. If you’re looking for a headphone that’s travel friendly (many of these fold or collapse to fit into travel cases), for active use (eg. walking, exercising), or simply great value, there are likely several on ear headphones that are suitable for your needs.

Although they do not sound as good as over ear headphones, on ear headphones can still sound very good and they are certainly available at more affordable prices. Make sue that if you’re looking to buy some on ear headphones, you should ensure that you have a comfortable, secure fit on your head. The headphones should sit snuggly on the outer part of the ear and cover the ear opening completely. They should not slide off when you tilt your head forward or to the side. The proper ergonomic fit of these headphones will play a critical role in the overall sound quality performance.

On Ear HeadphoneOn Ear Headphone