Product Care & Safety

Headphone Nirvana recommends the following actions to maintain your audio equipment in safe and good working order:

  1. Always and in all circumstances consult the user manual (in particular the safety/warning sections) of a piece of equipment before attempting to operate it.
  2. Never attempt to disassemble the equipment purchased from Headphone Nirvana. We take your safety very seriously and ask that you contact us if you need any adjustments or want to check a part as you may be exposed to dangerous voltages even if it the equipment is switched off.
  3. Never attempt to alter any part of the equipment purchased from Headphone Nirvana. If your equipment is not doing the job you want it to please let us know and we will try to solve the problem without the need for altering your current equipment. A reminder here that any tampering with, opening the case or alteration of equipment will void your manufacturer’s warranty.
  4. Electrical safety is paramount when using your equipment. Avoid disconnecting or reconnecting the equipment whilst the mains switch is on to reduce the risk of electrical shock.
  5. Once your equipment is connected to the power source it should not be moved until it is disconnected. Ensure you wait until the equipment cools down before moving it. Valve amplifiers should not be moved whilst the valves are still warm as it can damage the filaments.
  6. Always turn the equipment off before disconnecting or reconnecting input or output cables.
  7. Place your equipment on a level, stable surface, preferably on a stand or rack that has been specifically designed and constructed for audio equipment. such as an entertainment unit that is constructed specifically for audio equipment.
  8. Make sure that your rack, stand or furniture is capable of supporting the weight of your equipment.
  9. Avoid conditions where the equipment could be subjected to vibration, bumps or impacts, even if they are minor. Avoid shelving that is constructed from thin particleboard or plastic.
  10. Ensure adequate ventilation surrounding your equipment that generates heat such as amplifiers. Amplifiers, particularly valve amplifiers, must not be placed in a confined space where there is little air flow around them. Excess heat will shorten the life of your equipment considerably.
  11. Ensure that your equipment is kept a safe distance from pets, children and thoroughfares where people are often walking past the system, close to the equipment.
  12. Ensure that your equipment is kept away from water, moisture, corrosive liquids and flammable substances. If you live in locations with high humidity, please consider a de-humidifier in your equipment room to avoid moisture.
  13. Fuses are carefully selected by the designer of the equipment based on a specific set of electrical criteria. If you find that a fuse has blown, please contact us for advice and fuse replacement. Please note that fuses replaced with generic alternatives may not be compatible.
  14. Neither Headphone Nirvana nor its representatives accepts any liability whatsoever in relation to the operation of the equipment.
  15. Please contact us if you are unsure about any aspect of the operation of the equipment – we are here to help!