Eleven Audio Broadway S

Eleven Audio Broadway S


Single Ended RCA Headphone Amplifier

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The Broadway S is a Single-Ended Class A headphone amplifier designed with absolute sound quality in mind. Designed for low impedance or higher sensitivity headphones, it produces amazing low-level detail, a smooth realistic mid-range with pristine vocals and crystal clear yet non-fatiguing highs.

Internal user replaceable batteries dramatically reduce AC line noise to negligible levels. This amp will run for hours without AC power or plug in for continuous play with the same highly refined sound on either power source. The circuitry is designed to float the batteries on the mains at all times for pure clean sound.

Lucky owners have commented that the Broadway S sounds way larger than it looks due to its extended effortless sound. It delivers up to 800mW of super smooth sounding class A bias amplification and being DC coupled, it has huge low frequency bass resolution. It is an ultra-low noise design with 2 gain settings and is capable of transporting you into the music with its energy and realism.

Class A designs are known for their immediacy & natural sound. The Broadway S takes those attributes and presents them with a dose of finesse & delicacy. Absolutely superb!

Product Specification

Item Single-Ended Class A Headphone Amplifier
Frequency Response DC-100 KHz
Signal to noise ratio 130 dB
Power 800mW @ 16 ohms single-ended class A operation (amplifier biased full on at all times, no edgy crossover distortion typical of other amplifiers)
Run time Approx. 11 hours on full battery, indefinitely while connected to AC charge adaptor
Inputs Stereo RCA jacks
Volume Control High quality volume adjust potentiometer
Headphone Outputs 4 pin XLR and 6.25mm (1/4″) Neutrik jacks
Batteries Replaceable 18650 x 4
AC Charge adaptor 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz. (Unit has built-in battery management, auto-off on low battery, auto charge). Requires a standard grounded IEC C13 style AC cord (not included)
Dimensions 212mm (W) x 190mm (D) x 48mm (H)
Depth is 156mm without volume control
Weight 1.1kg with battery

Please note: Higher power fully balanced Broadway model also available for low efficiency demanding headphones.

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