Eleven Audio Powerman

Eleven Audio Powerman


Optional Power Supply for the Formula S Amplifier

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The Formula S amplifier is a very accomplished amplifier and is designed to be a reference level amplifier in its own right. However, the design team at Eleven Audio never rest, always looking for ways to push the performance bar even higher.

The Powerman is an external high current power supply designed to upgrade the performance of the Formula S amplifier to a new level. It is designed to connect to the Formula S via the supplied umbilical cable and physically sit under the Formula S. As soon as it is connected, it replaces the Formula S’s internal power supply. It features very low noise discrete regulation and a large toroidal transformer. When you are aiming for ultimate performance, the quality of the power that is supplied to the amplification circuits is paramount.

Adding the Powerman immediately results in greater soundstage depth, increased perception of subtle details, effortlessness, headroom and a greater sense of three-dimensional space around the performance. The noise floor drops even further and the increased resolution brings the music even closer to reality.

Important Note

When connecting the Powerman to the Formula S, AC power should be disconnected from both units. First, connect the supplied umbilical cable between the Formula S and Powerman and hand tighten the connectors. Then connect the AC cable ONLY TO POWERMAN. The Formula S amp should NEVER be connected to AC power while connected to the Powerman supply else damage will occur. Only one AC power cord required.

Product Specification

Item Dedicated Power Supply for an Eleven Audio Formula S amplifier
Included Comes with 36 cm / 14″ cable to connect to the Formula S amplifier
Power 100-115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz (switch selectable)
AC power cable not included.
Certifications CE
Dimensions 240mm (W) x 260mm (D) x 85mm (H)
Weight 5kg (11lbs)
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