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Converting digital recordings to the analog we hear in a very life-like manner has been a constant challenge since CD’s were introduced in the early 80’s. While D/A chipsets have evolved tremendously over the years, even high quality DACs can sound forward, exhibiting ‘digital brightness’. Some designers attempt to deal with this by applying various filters which then rob the sound of some of its resolution and definition.

Eleven Audio took the more difficult path by designing a precision discrete R2R ladder DAC which more closely mimics the analog sound that we need to emotionally connect to music. This 27-bit discrete DAC uses no off-the-shelf D/A converter chip, but rather an all discrete analog signal path to convert a parallel digital signal in a most natural way.

The Eleven Audio Sagra DAC coverts up to 384 KHz sampling rates with a dynamic range higher than most systems can reproduce. The sound is effortless, clear, not bright, not boring, just right. Human voices sound human, piano and horn plays with proper timbre and harmonic structure. Your brain feels more relaxed because it doesn’t have to work as hard processing the sound. Digital is finally highly enjoyable!

The design incorporates fully regulated power supplies and Class A ultra-low noise analog circuitry to output pure sound in both single ended RCA and XLR balanced. Ultimately, all of this attention to detail really comes to one thing that matters …the sound quality. The Sagra DAC is a simple addition to a system that can bring pure musical immersion. Yes Please!


Product Specification

Item Reference Digital / Analogue Converter
Dynamic Range 130.5 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.008%
Signal to Noise Ratio (0-20kHz) 127 dB unweighted
RCA Output 1.4 VRMS
Balance Output 4.0 VRMS
Inputs USB, I2S via HDMI, SPD-IF (both RCA*2 and BNC connectors), AES/EBU, Toslink
Power Requirements 100-115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz (switch selectable).
AC power cable not included.
Requires an AC power cable with standard 3 pin IEC connector.
Certifications CE
Dimensions 240mm (W) x 260mm (D) x 85mm (H)
Weight 3.5kg (8lbs)