Kennerton Audio Custom Litz Mini XLR – 6.3mm Cable


Reference 2m Cable

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If you would like to optimise the performance of your headphones, Kennerton Audio offer you a reference quality cable that represents a significant upgrade in sound quality from the standard cable. This is a handmade premium cable using multi-filament conductors in individual sleeves. Each of the four custom manufactured natural silk isolated stranded OFC wires are braided to improve sound quality and minimise interferences & noise.

The technique of nylon sleeving each wire also serves as a secondary dialectic for extra protection and durability while maintaining flexibility. Selecting Soviet Era OFC Litz wires will prevent electrical anomalies such as skin effect and proximity effect, in addition to preventing oxidation by applying a special enamel coating to individually insulate every strand for long lasting sound quality and appearance.

These cables with the Litz conductors utilising air dielectric technology are engineered to preserve the output of any source and amplifier to any drivers regardless of load demands. Kennerton Audio custom Litz cables sound neutral & transparent, showcasing a very high bandwidth that will preserve the nuances and tonal palette present in high-end headphones and amplifier designs where usable output can exceed 35KHz.

This Kennerton Audio Custom Litz Cable comes in a length of 2m and is terminated with a gold plated 6.3mm TRS jack. It connects to headphones with 2 x 4-Pin Mini XLR.

Product Specification

Wire Type Soviet Era Litz (OFC)
Inner insulator Natural Silk
Outer braid Nylon
Connectors 6.3 mm TRS / 2 x Mini XLR
Length 2m
Place of Manufacture St. Petersburg, Russia